There has been a bit of a street art phenomenon occurring in Perth of late and it involves the image below. It is, or very closely resembles, an Aboriginal art motif known as a Wadjina. They're popping up everywhere. Last weekend I photographed 8 different ones in two laneways near my house alone. But that's just near my place, they're all over the metropolitan area. There was even one grown in grass for a while.

Laneway Wandjina

Nobody really knows who is painting them or why. Originally it was probably an art student, why? Why not, It's just expression. But it's kinda cool spotting them in various places around the city. There's even a Flickr group dedicated to them, around 160 pics at last count. I've posted a few on there myself.
Last weekend the whole thing even made it onto the pages of the Australian Newspaper. Which was kinda cool.

Below are some of the Wadjinas I've photographed near my place, click for bigger views.

Wandjina Blue Pink WideLaneway Wandjina

Wandjina LanewayDark Wandjina

Dull WandjinaBlue Wandjina

Wandjina alley Peek Wandjina


Anonymous said…
'course, if it is an art student they will get their arses kicked by the first person from the Kimberleys to catch them :)

theres a boxing match you wouldnt want to miss: self important art student versus aboriginal senior from Mowanjum. i would be following Bundu's betting on that one i think....

btw did i ever show you the photo's of the wandjina from Koolan? if not remind me to. hands down best art i've seen in situ so to speak.

Stu said…
Now wouldn't that be a sight, Kimberley elder versus an emo hahahaa

And I don't think you did show me the Koolan stuff, but you may have, only like I'd remember - not