Yep, this planet is doomed. Proof exists in the lake at the end of my street.

It used to look like this (last Autumn)

Hyde Park3

and yeah now it's summer and the levels should drop, but it's never dropped this much, not that I can remember anyway.

Dry Lake



Ranx said…
I drove past on the way to Roger Waters Friday. Not looking good.
Stu said…
No it's not :o(

As for Roger Waters, how good was it? All accounts pretty damn fine, loud as hell I'll say that as I could clearly hear most songs at my place, not to mention the manic fireworks
Ranx said…
I wondered how far the sound would carry. I remember listening to Fleetwood Mac at the WACA from a mate's place in North Perth.

Roger was everything, if not more than, I expected. Still, I'm a Pink Floyd fan and would have been rapt had he slurred and gibbered his way through it. :-)
Stu said…

and yeah I remember listening to the Fleetwood Mac gig at my place too