You've gotta love the flights I catch up north every month to go to work, planes choc a block full of mining workers - 95% male. The morning flights are usually fairly uneventful, nobody is very boistrous at 5.30am, mostly snoring. The evening return flights are usually a different matter altogether. After a few hard weeks on the mines everyone is ready to unwind, some do it by getting as drunk and loud as possible, which is always great to listen to and deal with, especially if you get to sit next to one - not!
I prefer to slip my iPod on and stare out the window. Some it seems like to do the inflight magazine crossword and even write their answers on the question sheet. Like this gem I found on the way up a few days ago
Q: What does the abbreviation FOB stand for?

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God bless em for helping me out on that one.

ahhhh miners!