Because I'm sick (see previous post) my sleeping pattern is now destroyed, too much daytime sleep means I'm now wide awake at 11.15pm. Which is cool because one of my all time fav movies, High Fidelity, (which incidently is quite possible Jack Blacks greatest role, he totally steals this movie from its' star John Cuzack) is on TV in 15 minutes so I'm set. Meantime I've been trawling the web and have found a few things that I think everyone should own..........
First up, the iceberg lettuce thief is gonna check your lettuce for the family jewells are they? Nice!

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You van buy them online for US$49.00 here

Then there's the lamp/lamp designed by Hironao Tsubui, great conversation piece yes?!

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You can get these online also at 100% for around US$18.00