A year or so ago I decided to give up eating take away burgers and or fried chicken, you know the stuff, Maccas, Hungry Jacks/Burger King, KFC, Red Rooster etc. Years of cooking for a living you get to realise what is in those things and just how bad they are for you. I've kept to that decision for the most part, except for the occasional drunken munchies or one time a few months ago with my brother when we were running late for a party. On that occasion I couldn't finish the burger, it just tasted like crap.
I've always had a laugh at how the image above the counter never really looks anything like the crap you actually get.

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See what I mean? and yet these industries turn over squillions of dollars world wide, we're just too lazy to cook for ourselves. Seriously it isn't hard to rattle up a simple meal. I even thought once (back in my chefing days) that I should start a cooking school for people (mostly single guys I figured) to teach them how to cook basic stuff, how to stock your house with a few essentials and be able to whip up a semi healthy quick meal. I'd even teach them a few nice dishes that they could use to impress a girl or boy, sadly my eagerness for all things cooking was already on the wane by then. Probably could have made a squillion myself with that idea!

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Looks good doesn't it?!? More pics here.