DAY 16

aaarggghhh I'm just sick of looking at my blog and no new posts, I've had stuff all to say this week. Thank god some pics got emailed to me and I could stick those up, but now I'm sick of them. I'm starting to get tired, get cranky, get irritated, especially by the guy on the desk across from me constantly sucking his fucking teeth. I go home in 2 days, it's time.
I'm sick of writing this report, I'm sick of listening to idiots on the mine radio dribble shit, I'm sick of hearing another moron think it's funny to hold his microphone piece next to his car radio so the entire mine can hear the crappy song he's playing in his vehicle. "It sounds tinny dickhead, fuck off". I'm sick of having my concentration interrupted by the sound of a new email only to find it has the title cute blonde gets her..... or double penetrated blo..... or amateur boy lov..... or reaaally youuung aaand.....
It's time to go home, it's time to finish this report, it's time to eat some food that contains vitamins and minerals instead of trans fats and trans fats. It's time to get revitalised so I will enjoy my time here again. It'll only take a good bottle of wine and food with friends and a sleep in past 5 am, a walk around my neighbourhood to see whats new and some stimulating conversation about topics other than who will win the fucking football this weekend and how hot the new "bitch" in the mine office is to fix it.
But it's 2 days away.

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Anonymous said…
damn man, you are not a happy camper.

i hope you scheduled a decent break?

Stu said…
14 glorious fucking days :o)

nah I'm good, I just have to vent at times