A show I'm really getting into lately is Deadwood. Found these awesome pics of the real Deadwood taken in 1888 over at
Click the thumbs for a bigger version of each, It's def worth clicking for the original sized ones. A heap of detail, notice there are no people on the streets apart from a horse and cart in the top left corner of the top pic and a guy sitting on a fence in the bottom one. Judging by the shadows these were taken very early in the morning and if you've ever watched an episode of Deadwood you would understand why everyone rises so late.




Anonymous said…
cool pics man. though to be honest i would be a bit nervous living there. i mean, it looks pretty green and the phrase "flash flood washes away town" keeps springing to mind.

Stu said…
I'd kinda be woriied about a bullet in the back of the head first hehehe.

I think the fire brigade would have been hell busy though :o)