For a few days now I've been reading and hearing about this wonderful new museum that has opened in Petersburg in the USA. It seems dinosaurs were on Noahs Ark, humans co existed with them, they only ate vegies and they're 6000 years old max.
Well I guess it's time to pack up my archaeological tool kit, I'm a disgrace, I've been telling everyone the worlds billions of years old and that Australia has been inhabited by humans for anywhere up to 5o 000 years. I'm a fraud. The dinosaur proof has exposed me.
I mean take a look at this picture of one of their displays, no more proof is needed. It's obvious that humans were safe from the razor sharp incisors of T Rex, he wasn't using them to rip open the flesh of other creatures, oh no, they were for corn cobs. Yep corn cobs, tough that leafy outer layer is.

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Of course we're all forgetting the proof that's been out there for decades, right in front of our noses, humans made pets of dinosaurs, don't believe me? I give you photographic proof....

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Monica was telling me the other day that Conservapedia states that Emus came to Australia by floating on mats of vegetation, well they couldn't really fly here now could they, seems logical.

As I heard someone say today, "It's okay to believe what you want to believe, however you should not present this as the truth and in fact as a scientific truth if you cannot back it up with any scientific proof".

Maybe my career is safe for a bit longer.


Anonymous said…
Stu, I thought you were an Archeologist not a Paleantologist - please do not confuse these schools. :P

you gotta love those zany yanks! T-REX on Noah's Ark - now there's a logistical nightmare

Noah's son to Noah: Dad, I got some good news and bad news - the good news is the we saved the T-REX and they're both really fat and healthy...."