Extremely effective pieces of street theatre enacting scenes from the Iraq war by a group of Iraq war veterans.
"People should be considering, how we use our military, if we're using it responsibly, if we're using it in a just way and in a way that represents our nation. Right now I don't think that's happening, we've got the majority of the country turned against this war and we don't have an elected government giving them representation, so that's a serious problem with our democracy. You know we're tryin to give Iraq democracy and the majority of them want us gone, but we're still there so somethings wrong with the system and ahhh we're definately out here tryin to bring that home to the people of New York City"
I particularly liked how in one of the scenes there is a military recruitment video playing in the background on a big screen.

Edit: As usual Tony who is twice the blogger I am has a better version of this vid on his blog, the one above compacts it all nicely but the one below shows the protests in more detail. Tony has some evocative words to say on it so check it out.