I've had some crappy (no pun intended) flights in my time (click the flying link below) but never as bad as this one. Passengers on an 8 hour flight had to put up with human waste flowing out of the toilets and down the aisle. The airline involved, Continental, is looking at a large lawsuit following the way in which they dealt or failed to deal with it. A good passengers account here, and a blog set up by passengers here, news story here.
Oh and Brian, get down to the Shannon Airport, find those female employees and give em a clip behind the ear for me will ya. Thanks.


Brian said…
haha! Yep, sounds about right for the Irish airline industry!
I had a flight cancelled on me a couple of weeks ago (no raw sewage though) and people waiting at the destination knew it before we did.
We weren't so lucky as to get a hotel though - despite the airline being obligated to supply accomodation, meals and two phone calls under EU legislation. When I asked about it I was told the airline had "not authorised" anything at all!
So myself and my Fiona stayed an extra night in a total dive because we don't have enough money to afford an extra night in a hotel with no notice. I've just kicked off a battle for compensation - awaiting response from the airline still. I'll let you know what happens!

But yeah, Irish aviation is not a happy place. I'll see what I can do about it! :D
Stu said…
Go get em tiger :P