Why would you do that?

This is what the cacti in the vacant block in my street looked like 18 months ago.
Post from December 2005

Last Years Cactus

This is what the tool of an owner has done to them. Why?


What a butchered job. What a tool.



Van Strapp said…
Can one even prune cacti? How do we deal with overgrown cacti? Not like that obviously, but *how*?
Stu said…
Define overgrown cacti on a vacant block, that's my arguement. It's not like they were obstructing anyones view or anything.

The guy who owns the block lives next door in a ramshackle house = bit odd.

Keep in mind that these blocks sell for around the million mark these days, so he's a rich loon with 2 blocks.

He should spend some of that money at gardening school