Today is one of those days.

I've been hanging out/planning for tonight for a month or so. You see tonight Armin Van Burren is playing in Perth and I had a ticket.

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But last week I got sick, then I got better, then a few days ago I got sick again, then I started to get better and then today I felt like shit again. So much so that there was no way I could go to this gig. To say I'm jacked off would be an understatement. But hey, worse shit is happening around the world on this day .... right? You bet it is. I'll get over it and the upside is that someone else has my ticket now, someone who couldn't have gone otherwise as it was sold out.
They are walking through the doors right about now @ 11pm. They have a HUGE night ahead of them, whilst I just have bed. Meh.


Anonymous said…
missed you Stu - next time buddy

Stu said…
if only it had been Saturday night :sniff: I felt good enough on Saturday night, didn't I. Damn it all to hell