I love it when one of my cooking heroes takes on another one of my cooking heroes. Anthony Bourdain takes it up to Gordon Ramsay on Michael Ruhlmans blog. The topic is season 2 of Gordon's show Hells Kitchen, I posted a clip from the show here.
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"Their job appears to be to pretend to rush around in circles while Ramsay pretends to care. I've seen no more than a four top on the range at any one time. The rest of the time, they stand there or mill about like mute sheep, waiting for the blow."
"Pathetic, overaged, overweight, emotionally unsuitable and physically impaired Aaron was dragged, barely maintaining verticality, through two episodes, in the clear hope that it might be entertaining to poke a dead horse with a stick."
"Really, the only suspense or drama on this show will come after the show, when the "winner's" new employers/backers have to figure out what to do with a cook who couldn't hold up a fry station at a 20 seat fish house."
"I'm all for hazing cooks. For hurling well-timed verbal abuse at them when appropriate (or even just amusing). I have enjoyed, in the past, Ramsay's Charlie Parkeresque use of invective and insult, as he can be a very funny guy. But everybody seems to be sleepwalking to the slaughterhouse this season, victims and executioner alike."

I wonder if this show will ever make it to free to air TV, somehow I doubt it


Anonymous said…
just jumped on utube for some updates on the series and the show rocks dude.
In Series 3 someone blows themselve up, have a look at the series 3 trailer.Hells Kitchen the best.

lil bro