I took a walk into the city from my place in Highgate last week, went the long way round and snapped a few things. Oh and by the way my new camera, kaputsky already. Will be racing it back to the shop as soon as I get home, I hope mine is just a freaky bad one and that the camera as a model is fine. Fingers crossed.


These were in the window of an Asian Grocery in Northbridge, I have no idea what sort of mushroom they are though.


Should there be any other kind?


I'm definately going to see this when I get back, always good to see the riches that Napolean plundered from Egypt!


melle said…
Mushrooms - they're dried shiitake mushrooms.
Stu said…
yep and 30 minutes before you posted this someone else told me they were shitakes as well, snap!! I've seen them fresh but never dried well at least never whole and dried.