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Back in the 80's there was an awesome concert movie made by Talking Heads called Stop Making Sense, if you've never seen it then do. It's Talking Heads at their peak, I still have an old copy of it on a VCR tape that I recorded from TV, if you're passing by drop in and borrow it. It was simulcast with a local radio station in the late 80's (ahhh the simulcast phenomenon , too hilarious, "ooh technology is soooo out there") due to there not being any stereo TV's back then, friggen dark ages eh!
Below is a clip from the movie, check the huge suit

Anyways after you watch this vid of David Byrne interviewing David Byrne you may think twice about seeing the movie, be safe in the knowledge that the two are extremely different! David is/was a little out there. I liked it though.................hehehe

David Byrne has his own blog.


Ranx said…
I remember going to see that at the cinema and dancing in the aisles, like it was a live concert.

still one of the best i have seen