Let's see, I've been bitten on the neck by a Golden Orb Spider, almost stepped on a Death Adder and today I met the Jack Jumper Ant.
When a Jack Jumper ant crawls up your body and onto your face and sinks those bloody big jaws into your face, it hurts, it seriously fucking hurts, you have no opportunity to be all strong and macho like, it simply hurts. It feels like someone has stuck a needle straight into your face, I could almost hear that crunching noise they use in cartoons when a dog bites someone.
I have to wonder why evolution gave these ants such a weapon, I mean what the hell are they hunting that requires them to inflict that much pain? It's not like they're hunting bloody tigers, it's Australia FFS!
Yeah I know, I should harden up.
Lil bastard.
Here's one I hunted earlier, fully stretched they are about 3 cm's long.

jack jumper

jack jumper side


Brian said…
Awww, does Stu want some ice cream to make the bad pain all better? :P

They look like vicious bastards indeed, did you get a sexy scar to impress the ladies with?

Also, I think you've just proved evolution must be wrong - all hail Allah, the one true creator!
Stu said…
I had some ice cream and I eated it.

I see it as proof of gods spiteful hate and evilness :)
Stu said…
oh and no, no scar. no proof it even happened other than everyone laughing at me as it happened.............bastards