I drive past this place a lot, Lord St East Perth, an eccentric dude lives there. I've never been able to read the signs until I managed to walk past a few days ago and well, I'm not really sure what it is he's trying to do/say except that YOU ARE WARNED!!
His name is either Big John or King Frederick or King Dick, dpending on which sign you read. He used to have twice as many but the construction work next door put paid to that a few months ago. I was kind of nervous taking the pics as I half expected him to jump out screaming something at me. I mean hey wouldn't you be, "JOHN GOT EYES" you know! Not to mention the "BIG CAT HE WILD!"
Larger versions over at YeLPanorama



the king


tiff said…
I wanna meet this guy, he has good handwriting! :)
Stu said…
That and he wears the coolest hat, one of those felt top hats you get at the Royal Show, somehow on him it just looks right :)
Anonymous said…
he's just mis-understood.Just another little aussie battler having a go.
Long live the king or big john which ever one it is.LOL

lil bro
Stella said…
HAHA what a ripper of a find!
At least the man has character :)