Well I'm back from my stay down south. Was it good, hell yeah it was, what a house, what a view. The weather was appalling and exactly what we wanted. Sunny weather would have made us venture out and the idea was the exact opposite, just slouch around and read and drink and eat and basically do nothing for 3 days. And we did.
However I will have to rethink holidaying with 3 alpha females again, at least holidaying with them in what amounted to a biosphere. The house was all glass at the front with a view to die for and we got to watch every season in one day glint, slam and blow against that glass. Meanwhile inside I got to experience every female emotion known to man and some never before seen, all amplified by the close quarter existence.
A true test of friendship at times. Keep in mind I grated on them at times as much as they did me. But we pulled through friendships intact and we had heaps of laughs. Next trip though may be completely outside!!

The view from inside the house


The view from outside the house


Karks instructs Gen in the fine art of yoga



Marco engrossed in his book


The rain cleared up long enough for us to take a walk and get closer to the dozens of kangaroos that hung around the house all day every day



Looking back up at the house nestled amogst the trees


Gen buys some milk from the Yallingup General Store and celebrates the fact


Karks and breakfast


Dinner. This pic was an attempt to utilise the candle mode on my new camera and I somehow managed to delete Gen from the view


Linda using candle mode. I really am crap at using that mode



Ranx said…
There's no place like the South West. If only it wasn't so cold.....
Stu said…
Fleecy hoodies and open fires, best remedy for that :)