Sometimes in my job I stumble across some amazing stuff and two days ago I and my team did just that. We were taken to this permanent waterhole in the middle of all this spinifex. Reminded me of an oasis you see in all those Hollywood movies about Arabs from the 40's and 50's. Minus the palm trees and the camels and the Arabs, but you get the idea.
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Nearby we found an area containing a heap of stone tools, artwork, grinding stones and grinding patches, it was most awesome. Sorry but I can't post pics of that on here.

Waterhole first view


This waterhole has water in it all year round so it would have been an important camp site for the local Aboriginal people in the past.


Even took the time to get all artistic like with my photography, capturing Aidan in reflection.



Anonymous said…
is the water really pure or what.Did you drink some and whats the taste?

lil bro
Stu said…
I didn't drink any, mostly because there was a dead donkey up stream. But it flows and there was life in it, so probably very drinkable when there's no dead donkeys
Anonymous said…
so you had dead donkey shaken not stirred