I have been without any form of internet access for a few days now, somehow the optic fibre cable that connects our offices to the server had been severed and due to lack of fibre optic specialists floating around the mine site we were basically screwed there for a bit. Good old fashioned standard cable to the rescue woohooo.
So anyways I'm back
This got me thinking, there are times when everyone simply just can't get to the internet or is too busy or simply doesn't care - but let's remove the dont carers from the story - lets imagine that suddenly the internet just vanished (like it has done for me for the past few days), it wasn't there when you went back to it, it was gone. It's a strange thing, I mean I have "relationships" with people on the internet that are well, just that, internet relationships of a sort. We converse on forums, or blogs or things like that, I've even gotten to know a bunch of people from online video gaming but I will probably never get to meet them in the flesh. They're all over the country and the world. So if the internet vanished then ......................... what?
Don't get me wrong, it wouldn't be devestating or anything like that, just very very odd. You would never communicate with them again, conversations and disputes would never be resolved, they would never know what happened to you and vice versa. It would be, I think, wierd. Hmmm anyway, that's the sort of thing that crosses my mind when my internet vanishes.
Strange really.


the coffee addict said…
I have no idea happens when they take away Internet from us (wouldn't I like to have that power). All I know is when it get sick and we can't use it at work, the Boss sends us all home. For real.

Oh and about those mushrooms, i don't know what they are called but i know you have to soak them in water for hours to resuscitate them back to life. I know, we eat the weirdest shit.
Brian said…
I think about this sometimes, but from a different angle - I wonder (with my morbid conceited mind) what would happen if I died? Would all those people I know only online ever find out?
If I was in a car crash and the local news ran an item online, would someone find it years later and realise "That was that guy from that forum?" Unlikely. Everyone would just figure I got bored (haha!) and wandered off. Wandered offline maybe.

Good post. :)
Stu said…
Tiff, I WISH they sent me home hehehe but it's over 1000km's so never gonna happen sadly. Oh and yeah they are wierd but hey the Europeans do it to funghi as well so you are not alone in your weirdness :)

Of course there is the soft shell crab thing............never really grasped that one HA!

Brian, I've thought of that angle as well, I've even been on a forum where someone announced the death of a popular member who hadn't been around for a while, cept they gave date and location details and the searching of the web proved it not to be true (most deaths in car crashes make the news somewhere). So it backfired on them.

But yeah, I often think I should leave my passwords somewhere so someone could just post a message for me, but then you have to ask, who would care, I mean they've never actually met you. But I would like to know if it was someone I had "known" for some time I guess...........its an interesting quandry
Brian said…
You could have one of those letters with a lawyer to be posted upon the event of your death, containing a list of email address and forums who should be told about your demise! :)
Stu said…
Hahaha yeah, actually I think I'd have a video message posted by a lawyer who spoke in the style and manner of Mr Burns' lawyer on The Simpsons :o)
Anonymous said…
I wouldnt notice your absence for at least 6 months in the flesh, i'd just think you were still out on site. Now it seems you need a big web man-hug Stu and a session at "Wild men rediscovering where their conjones have disappeared to"
Stu said…
In the flesh? man hugs? you're scaring me. I may have to start sitting up in the mezanine at the office!

Actualy from the once every 6 months path crossing the only way you lot know I am alive is via this blog hahaha