I had an awesome experience yesterday, I got to fly alongside the pilot "Finn" in the cockpit of a six seater Beechworth Baron aircraft as we flew across the Pilbara in Western Australia to Port Hedland and back. The view was amazing, we flew across some incredible valleys and cliff faces, I basically had a great time. It wasn't easy getting very clear pictures as we were bouncing around a bit but I think I did okay. A cool part of it all was wearing the co pilot headset and listening in on the control tower at Port Hedland communicate with a QANTAS 727 that was preparing to take off and then sitting above and alongside the 727 as it did take off.
A great day.
I captured the landing on video, we're approaching the airstrip at the mine and had to do a half circle on approach. Finn decided to do a crosswind landing for effect, that's where he brings the plane in on a slight sideway angle and straightens up just before we touch down, unfortunately the video didn't capture that all that well. But it's cool anyway.


The Beechworth Baron prior to take off from the mine site.


Some of the huge valleys down below. I've spent plenty of time wandering around them on foot, but I've never seen them from this angle before

mine closeup

A close up view (as close as I could get it) of the mine site I work at.


Approaching the coast and the Indian Ocean above Port Hedland


Some of the hills down below.


Finn adjusts his controls at 7500 feet