Too tired tonight to do anything, spent the day working on my new apartment (pics soonish), so I stayed in but kind of glad I did as I caught a great doco on SBS called The Great Happiness Space - "Tale of an Osaka Love Thief"

Here's a short clip

First up you think wow, how good a life is this, you get pretty girls busting to spend money on you and crawl all over you, sex.....................

But by the end of it I just felt sorry for everyone involved. Nearly all the girls you saw in the clip are prostitutes themselves, some caught in a cycle of "I don't want to sell my body, but I want to keep seeing him and it's expensive, so I sell my body". These girls spend a small fortune on these guys and they end up with nothing to show for it other than a few hours of fun and attention.

Oh did someone just say = prostitution?

Don't get me wrong I fully note that this is the same in guys -V- female prostitutes as well.

I guess the host boys come out as the winners in the end, they sure do financially but they don't appear exactly ecstatic about it all. What a soul sapping existence, but hey that's prostitution in any form I guess.

The doco really exposed some truths I wasn't aware of, watch it if you get the chance or if you have seen it let me know what you thought. I thought it was fascinating, I was almost asleep on the couch before it started but this woke me fully. Good stuff, ha Japan, what a place.