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I flew home tonight on my first ever mine site charter flight, meaning a flight directly from the mine to Perth. Thus this flight was completely full of mine workers, suprisingly it was one of the most pleasant flights I've ever had. I guess nobody wants to behave like a goose on a company flight because you don't know if there's a boss on board and that could be the end of your job.

Someone should have told the flight attendants. Sour dours does not begin to describe them. First up they had the required hair pulled back in a bun thing goin on, which served only to make them look and behave even grumpier. They rolled their eyes at every request and generally made you feel like you were a hassle.

Keep in mind no alcohol was served on this flight, good thinking by the mining company, so really they had it easy.

I sat there looking/staring at one of them for a while (may have contributed somewhat to her mood ha!) and I started to feel a bit sorry for her. I mean, when she decided that being a flight attendant was the career for her, she probably imagined jetting around the world in snappy uniforms, seeing exotic places and meeting exotic people and bedding a handsome pilot or 3. Instead she gets the milk run to and from a mine site on the edge of the desert in the Pilbara, dressed in a practical pant suit, serving often half drunk over weight and hairy miners who constantly offer her a night of seriously good lovin babe.

Haha poor girl. However, my sympathy for her over that was miniscule compared to the sympathy I would have for her as we landed. She took the microphone firmly in her hand and proceeded to do the standard announcement. The poor girl rolled her R's, so phrases like, "seatbelt fastwened", "pwease use the handwail" and "pwease don't twurn on any ewectrical appwiances until you weach the tewminal" is what earned the sympathy.

Poor girl, I hereby apoligise for lawfing.