I think I add things like the cluster maps attachments to my blog because a) I have an internal nerd need for these things and b) I just love stats anywhere on anything (hang on that's the same as the first reason)
Anyhoo, I just blew up my visitors map to a size where I can see which actual countries peeps have viewed YeLPar from. Coolest thing (for me) is that one of those red dots down there in South Africa - the Johannesburg one - is most definately my brother when he was there last week. Ha! Justin you've been reduced to a red dot, you thought this moment would never come but here's the proof.

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Brian said…
You've an impressive amount of Europeans and Americans on here mate - saying congrats seems a little corny, but well bloody done! :) It's no easy task to keep people coming back, but you're doing a damn good job!
Stu said…
I just like how its that easy to reach another corner of the world with your own crap, 20 years ago it wasn't something that would have been possible, good times.