Triodia is a large genus of tussock-forming grass (Bunch grass) endemic to Australia; they are commonly known as spinifex, although they are not a part of the coastal genus Spinifex.

Triodia is a perennial Australian grass which grows in arid regions and has awl-shaped, pointed leaves.
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This is what spinifex/triodia looks like (in case your not as familiar with it as I am), doesn't it look cute ............ NO IT DOESN'T.

Spinifex (1)

This is a wall of spinifex at about waist height and it's incredibly dry and friggen sharp. Each stem can penetrate your canvas leggings, your pants and about 0.5 cm of your flesh all in one stab. It then snaps off and the tip stays in your felsh where it turns black, surrounds itself in puss and eventually pops out or is squeezed out by you. So you can imagine the pain that lay ahead through that field.


Once through the spinifex I found this lovely meadow of soft bristling in the wind buffle grass, so tender on the skin, so whimsical........................but look towards the back of the meadow, yep another wall of god damn spinifex.

Spinifex (3)

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