My boots have walked hundreds of km's. I usually just flick em off at the end of a day and fling them into a corner. They don't get much TLC. So I decided a makeover was in order and new laces the remedy. In doing so I noticed just how much character an old boot has.



and so today I am sporting shiny new laces, ahhhh who am I kidding, the soles are too thin, the steel toe caps are starting to show through the leather, these boots are donesky. Time for new ones, I hate getting new ones though, so shiny and so stiff, these fit snuggly around my foot and move as one with my feet.......Stupid new boots.

new laces


the coffee addict said…
It's so nice to know that i am not the only one who devotes a whole post to shoes! :)
Stu said…
Thankyou for understanding, some other people didn't get it hehehe