Yep, I fly on the morrow. Off to Sydney for the annual Australian Archaeological Conference. Yes I know, you're all thinking wow sounds like a super time! Erm yeah, well we mostly get drunk and try to avoid anything archaeological, which doesn't impress the boss, but what ya gonna do.
Anyways YeLPar will be on a sabbatical until Friday week as I probably wont have Internet access for long periods, hopefully lots of pics and stuff when I return. I am so gonna hit Sydney Town hard. Stand back!
Saw this lil gem in the car park at the shops today, I think it's an Austin of some sorts, was going to note the model but thought nah it'll show up in the pic, cept I used the cam on my phone and as usual its blurry. So if anyone knows what it is feel free to speak. Nice fins I thought.
Bye now.




Brian said…
Archaeology, wooo! :) Have fun man!