Righto, I've finally sorted out my photo blog YeLPanorama. I've moved it back onto the Blogger server. Thanks to cj for offering me the free domain, but the issues you are having with your server at the moment were affecting it too much, so thanks again but I'm gonna move it to here.
So I spent a few hours last night moving it over and doing a slight redesign (on an extremely slow wireless connection :sigh:), not fully happy with it yet, but I'll work on that.
Hopefully now I can start posting there again on a regular basis, I'm really keen to see it grow, the layout is much better and allows me to post larger versions of my pics (as crappy as some of them are, they're still my pics hehe) so pay a visit if you feel like it, or not............if you think you can risk the not, hmmmmm?? Yeah you know what I'm talking about............I've said too much.