So long Sydney, great time as usual, still basking in the glow of the Nick Cave gig. Congrats on providing me with 4 brilliant cab drivers too, what are the odds in Sydney huh? Actually one of my quieter and more sedate visits this time round, I just wanted to relax with just the gig as the highlight. Didn't even catch up with a couple of friends as I had planned to, sorry guys, I just wasn't really up for it, next time though, promise.
Sitting opposite me right now in the QANTAS Club at Sydney airport, enjoying a cup of tea and some toast, is the legend of cricket Mr (should be Sir) Richie Benaud and his good lady. He probably noticed me snapping his picture but he was polite enough to suck it up and not get in a huff. Well done old boy.

richie benaud

And to quote the great man himself "I think I'll leave it at that".