I've landed in Sydney, not exactly tired as I'm 2 hours behind this timezone, not really feeling like going out on my own so it's Rage on TV and a bit of blogging. My digs are pretty good, nice studio apartment near Darling Harbour.


I had a great flight over, mostly because I sat next to a girl who we'll call Rita, mostly cos that's her name. She's a Sydney girl however she grew up in Perth and in fact was a year below me at the same high school. Not that I knew her though, but she knew a few of my friends, one of which will probably be reading this and she remembers him very well (not what you think). Wow did we hit it off!

I always do this, I meet great girls when I'm travelling, I guess it's the whole vibe of travel that allows people to open up and get along with each other really quickly or something like that I'm probably dribbling shit here but whatever we hit it off. There was a heap of flirting, especially after a few wines and a lot of touchy feely stuff. We chatted non stop which I think annoyed a few of the boring types sitting around us, meh, who cares. It was pretty cool but never going to go anywhere. Maybe I should have asked for her number but she's here and I live over there. But I've shared too much, it's late and I have a huge day ahead so I better shutdown.

Only 16 hours till Nick woohooo!!!