Oh yes thankyou indeed very much alright then. Wow! They exploded onto the stage with Depth Charge Betty and wound it up with No Pussy Blues. The very two songs on I posted here a few days ago, thankyou very much. Then it was straight into a fine selection of well known and obscure (to the uninitiated) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds tracks.


Everyone (except the couple to our right - I still don't get the passive observation approach to rock gigs) loved it. What a brilliant venue, I see why the Enmore is such an institution in Sydney. This was well worth the airfares and hotel room charges. I could watch Nick every Saturday night and his song list is big enough that I probably wouldn't hear the same song for at least 3 months. Now he has the Grinderman catalouge to add to it.


I tried to take some vids, but those I did are huge in size and probably best uploaded with my home connection, not this crappy hotel one. I'll sort that later, meanwhile here's a little Nick v Crowd banter, someone congratulates Nick to which he asks "Congratulations on what?" and they respond...nice stuff.



Brian said…
Well congratulations, you've succeeded in making me damn bloody jealous! I was at a Headhunters gig last night (the guys who pretty much invented Jazz funk), but Nick Cave... nice man, f**kin' A.
Stu said…
yes, be jealous, be very very jealous hehehe