Back at work this week, needed a break from all the fun I've been having, work will cure that. We were out in an area yesterday that was miles from anywhere and stopped to have lunch at this fantastic waterhole. It is literally an oasis amongst a desert of spinifex. A fantastic contrast to the dry plains we had just travelled through. Great stuff

Some more and larger pics posted over at YeLPanorama.

sml oasis

small oasis



Brian said…
Where are the crocodiles? Are all my stereotyped narrow-minded images of the Australian outback completely incorrect!?
Stu said…
Oh they're there, just hiding in the reeds!!!..............nah we're far too inland for crocs, the rivers out here only have water in them for part of the year, the rest of the year they flow underground, so perhaps we have sub surface crocs, I dunno, I've never checked ;)
Brian said…
Underground crocodiles... like Tremors? Somebody call Kevin Bacon, quick!