Made this extremely short vid of a skeletal display at the Sydney Museum (yes geeking it up, I know)

hi ho silver

and yesterday I watched this video on Bonobo apes on YouTube which had a moment of similarity at 3.15 (that's my crappy segue), but it really is a good watch.

" The bonobo apes she works with understand spoken English. One follows her instructions to take a cigarette lighter from her pocket and use it to start a fire. Bonobos are shown making tools, drawing symbols to communicate, and playing Pac-Man -- all tasks learned just by watching. Maybe it's not always biology that causes a species to act as it does, she suggests. Maybe it's cultural exposure to how things are done."

The playing of pac-man does it for me, proof enough. It's a long video but watch it if you have time. This also follows on from a conversation Adam and I had at Taronga Park zoo last week about these chimpanzees and the fact that we are only 1 chromosone apart.


I do however question the Tasmanian point that she makes, is this true? no fire? hmmm.