One thing I have never done before is take pictures whilst inside a plane, I'm not sure why, but I suspect someone once told me long ago it could make the plane crash :) So I finally lost my in the air photography virginity flying between Sydney and Perth.
Sydney airport QANTAS club lounge, it was pretty cool watching plane after plane park beneath me.


coming and going

I read somewhere that when taking pics from a plane always include the wing, so there ya go.

going home

I spotted these sand dunes on the edge of the Great Australian Bite, they were massive, this photo doesn't do them justice so I'll post a larger version over at YeLPanorama.



the coffee addict said…
Oh dear, no one has told me that! I've been taking photos from the skies years ago. :)
Stu said…
hahahah well now you know and I expect pictures of wings from your trip ;)