Years ago when I was growing up in Willetton/Leeming there used to be this spaceship building on the corner of Karel Ave and Leach Hwy.

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It was a landmark and as kids we loved it, "Could you really live in that Dad? Does anyone live in it Dad?" etc etc. Over time it deteriorated, the local kids used to climb inside to smoke and drink and do whatever else the local kids did, so eventually it was removed.

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What I didn't know then was that you could in fact live in it. Not that particular one as it was placed there by a real estate agent to advertise a land sale in a new suburb. But elsewhere in the world these structures were being touted as the homes of tomorrow.

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Designed by a guy called Matti Suuronen, hundreds were built all over the world, but at a cost of $12 000.00 in 1960 they were expensive. Hardly any remain today but you could have bought one here, sale ended 2 days ago though so you've missed out.

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Personally I could live in one, hey when you see the size of the rooms we live in up here you'll understand why this looks spacious to me.


Maja said…
I remember that thing! We always used to drive past it on Leach Hwy. Awesome stuff!
Stu said…
Hahahah yeah, it was there for years, good times!!
Grimey said…
....and it has been replaced by the Federal Members HQ. Best time was when someone changed the name from "Member of Tangey" to "Member of PoonTangey"
Stu said…
hahaha I remember that pic, so that's where that is lol
Anonymous said…
LOL ,OMG how this brings back so many memories bro.I can't believe it still exists.That's so awesome.You know when i saw it all those years ago i thought it was space ship as most 7 year olds would think.Now i know the real story.

lil bro
Stu said…
hahaha yeah I know, remember when we all used to yell out "here it comes" as we approached it along Leach Hwy? ahahahaha good times.

But it doesn't exist sadly, the one here is another one, we should have bought it and stuck it in mum and dads backyard at the new house, make an awesome pool house ;)
Wookie said…
I remember seeing a design doco a little while ago on ABC that mentioned these things. There were even mutliple storied and modular ones available. They were awesome.
Stu said…
Multi storied hey? Now I'd like to have seen one of those. May have to do some more digging
FuturoMan said…