A strange thing happened on the way to the office this morning, HA, this sounds like the start of a crappy novel "It was a cold and windswept evening" but I digress, so I'm driving along when suddenly a dingo bolts out fo the bush and tries to attack my car, as I pass it drops in behind my vehicle and continues chasing me down the road. It was a tad surreal, I'd expect a dog to chase my car in the burbs, but a dingo in the bush? Dingo's are notoriously shy animals so this was way out of character. Eventually it gave up and headed back into the bush.
I've only ever had one other similar encounter with a dingo, seen a fair few, but they are usually heading in the other direction, swiftly. On this other occasion I learned from the Aboriginal guys with us that when a dingo follows you like that it's a bad omen.
Ahhh jeez, just what I need.


Anonymous said…
dunno man, but it happened to us a few times out at Packsaddle . mind you..all kinds of things went wrong with that project so maybe that isnt as reassuring as i thought P)

out west angelas way i know its bad luck if you kill one (how that squares with the number of doggers in the population i dont know).

guess no gambling for money for you in the near future huh?

Stu said…
well the first one I mentioned actually chased Joels car and look how his life is panning out, 2 years lter I know but still an omen...........and you know how I believe in these things ;) hehehe
Brian said…
If Howard gets re-elected, I'm blaming you!
Stu said…
oh christ, I never thought of that :|
Anonymous said…
Channel that bad juju , by buying a lotto ticket or backing a horse . ya going to lose anyway . Reb.
Maja said…
Wow, that is really weird.
Stu said…
Yeah Maja, it was a tad, second time I've seen it so maybe they do it a lot and we just don't notice haha

Reb I think you may be onto something there. I bought two scratchies this morning, both failed, so hopefully I've sorted that out