Whoa, it's been a huge weekend. Most awesome. It began on saturday night with the Muse gig at The Supreme Court Gradens. I wouldn't say it was the greatest gig I have ever been to, but it was great. The visuals blew us away. The sound quality was pretty damn good and we had an okay view of the stage.

Keep in mind that I read in the paper this morning that there were 50 000 people there, now I'm pretty sure you couldn't fit 50 000 people into the Supreme Court Gradens but who knows, it was definately over 10 000 but I lost count in the darkness.

An annoying part of the venue was the actual venue itself, It's great for dance festivals like say Summadayze where you're dancing to dj's and you don't have to watch the stage all that much. You're usually in smaller defined areas as well, however on saturday night alll eyes were on that stage and unless you were 6 foot plus you found it hard to see anything. Waz and I moved to the side and found a raised garden bed which allowed us to see over most heads. The rest of our crew was wedged in along the barrier at the back of the mosh so they had fairly good views too. A lot of people would have been unhappy though, except the 6 footers, my god we have a lot of tall people in Perth, it's like we're breeding a super race. Is there something I should know?


Yes Waz it's a Cougar, yes you are drinking it and yes we too are wonder why?



Maja said…
I've always wondered what gigs are like at the supreme court gardens. Perth is really lacking in large venues for concerts.

I've seen Muse at a couple of big day outs and they are an awesome live band. I was at work for this gig.
Stu said…
isn't it ever? If the ground had a slight slope up and away from the stage it would have been fine. We get used to this sort of thing in Perth and that's half the problem, where's the rage people where's the rage?