Arrived back at work this morning, talk about climate change. Well a change from drizzly and 22 degrees to baking hot and 44 degrees.......sheesh. Was greeted by this latest mishap, an IT guy driving out to site last week managed to roll his vehicle "Um, I'm not sure if it was 2 or 3 times"
Odd thing is that he didn't roll it side to side, he's flipped it up onto the nose and kind of sideways as he's smashed the front end and the side but didn't touch the warning lights and beacon on the rear top, those are toast in a rollover, so no wonder he lost track of how many times, he would have had no idea of which way was up.
He was fine though, hardly a scratch, very lucky.



Van Strapp said…
Not so unbreakable now huh!
Stu said…
so much for not so squeezy as well :)