Yesterday was a day of meet the animals. I felt a bit Doctor Doolittlish. Mostly it resulted in stand offs as the various critters just stood their ground and stared me down. Mostly they just wanted to make sure in which direction I was coming in from so as to escape the other way.
There were Cows, Kangaroos, Bungarra goannas, Tawny Frogmouth birds (see YeLPanorama for those pics) and one of our crew was even bitten on the front of his boot by a small King Brown snake. Keep in mind that King Browns, even small ones, are pretty damn venomous, so he was pretty lucky that it struck his steel toecap. So there's probably a snake out there somewhere with a chipped fang or two.

Check out the face on that cow, she's far from happy that I'm walking towards her. Luckily for me it wasn't a bull with his harem.


Casual roos at first


but pretty soon they were off too.


I can't help but love my job.


Maja said…
Wow your friend was pretty lucky.

My friend was working out bush and happened to step on a king brown by accident. It listerally stood up and was about to bite her but luckily, in panic, she dropped a 20L bucket of water she was holding and it fell right on top of the snake's head and killed it.
Stu said…
Wow! oh and ahahahahahah that scene sounds like something out of a bad comedy film lol, glad she was okay though :)

I've never come close to a King Brown strike, however I can't say the same for the Death Adder, click the link :|