How many phone books do I need. I'd say I need none, yet I have six. It seems that every second week of late another set of phone books arrives wrapped in environmentally unfriendly plastic. Sometimes they're dumped behind the front gate, other times on the steps and like today precariously balanced on my rickety old 1960's letterbox. I love that letterbox so keep your phone books off it.
I cannot remember the last time I even opened a phone book. I have two volumes of white pages, two volumes of yellow pages, one business directory and now some new form of local business directory that has hit the obviously competitive phone book market. Have these people never heard of the Internet? We don't need thousands of trees to be pulped to make these ugly cumbersome things anymore and stop wrapping them in plastic when you deliver them in late November, it's highly unlikely to rain.
I say NO TO PHONEBOOKS! Are you with me.


Ranx said…
I with you comrade! I refused to help my cricket club deliver them last year on purely environmental grounds!! (That's my story.....)
Stu said…