I thought I could. Yet some days there is like nothing on the shelves, why do they hide the good stuff and bring out all the crap at xmas time. A curse on you shelf packer people.
So I wandered and I wandered and I wandered and as a result I have a new pair of safety sunglasses for work. Yay! Not exactly what I set out to buy, I mean it's hardly a xmas present for anyone is it? But at least I bought something.
Oh and I took some pics.


White Chair

Sometimes it's good to look up when you're wandering the streets. I wonder who sits in that white chair against that blue wall?

White Chair

Possibly one of the dancers from the shop below it. Hmmm maybe a career change is in order. Could I exotic dance? Hahaha. Maybe just part time.



Anonymous said…
you could be a part time exotic dancer.
you can do it ..................and think how popular you'd be up in the mines . Reb .
Stu said…
everyones popular up here at least once a month when it's their turn to wear the lipstick