Merry xmas everyone, especially to all those regular YeLPar viewers, you know who you are..........okay this is who you are, Tiff, Brian, Ranx, Maja, Grimey, Wookie, Lil Bro (cept he really is my lil bro and probably doesn't need mentioning here HA!) Van Strapp, Reb, Craig W, Waz, Mr Walker and of course Yuki ;)

There's many others I know and you lot know who you are but the above motley crew are the regular comment posters and thus extra special.

Anyhoo, have a great xmas, enjoy your presents, remember to recycle the cards and paper.

P.s I think my day is not going to be a particularly good one, day 3 of a stomach bug and I can't seem to eat anything. This can only end in tears. Let's hope not.

Have a brill day everyone


Ranx said…
Thanks Stu,

Sorry your Chrissie wasn't the best, hope your NYE waas better.
Stu said…
Cheers mate, it's all good, as you can see I made ammends on NYE :)
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear about your Christmas, looked like NYE was a blast. Have a good one.

Mr Walker*
Stu said…
cheers mate