So Linda married Jarrod and we drank way too much. But "own" the dancefloor I did. Someone explained to me that you could drink 8 red bulls mixed with vodka in one night before you were in danger of dying. I really shouldn't ask drunk people for such advice. Luckily I mixed it up with beer and champagne.....hangover much?.

Karks n Gen

Nothing a full cooked breakfast with Karks and Gen at some cafe in the Swan Valley couldn't fix early this morning..


Tomorrow it's lunch with Dave and Dave, then it's dinner with Nells and Ollie. Xmas day is Brunch with Pete and Mars. Boxing day is lunch with Gary and Faye and well it just goes on and on and on. This time of the year is hard work. Thank god the family is in Qld, how would I fit them in otherwise HA!