Because I don't find a lot of street art up here in the Pilbara bush I'll take this opportunity to post a couple of pics taken by my good buddy Adam whilst on holiday in Munich late in 07.
Nice find, kind of apt as we both work in archaeology and sometimes find the odd hand stencil or two.
Spot the deliberate error.




Anonymous said…
actually their is a group of people in that huge tyroll area ,
sth ger , swiss , austria and Nthn Italy ,
that are known as Munchini - back to Roman times ,
that are left handed with the known possibility of the extra digit .
These people do attend a somewhat speacial camp where the lefties rule and they even write right to left .

Your pal Reb .
P.S. How is Yuki ?
she loving u long time ;o)
Stu said…
Yuki is Yuki ;)