...or Coke, thank god for Coke, its real sole purpose is to ease hangovers. Finished one just now because, yep, me has a hangover.
I decided at the end of last year that I really miss cooking, I don't so much miss cooking professionally, but just cooking, cooking for friends. So to rectify this I have made the decision to have more dinner parties this year than I did last year. Last years grand total of I think 2, wont be hard to beat. In fact after last night I'm already halfway there.
So the aim/theme of last nights dinner was to sample a particular wine, the Frankland Estate, Poison Hill Vineyard, Riesling 01, 02 and 03. Mostly to compare the 3 years. End result was 3 very different wines. I can't bore you with the details as this has become lost in the cloudiness of my hangover, let's just say they were very good.

Poison Hill

So, the menu.

Started with a Steamed Crab Wonton

wanton prep




Wantons don't survive falls from great heights.


Main course was Grilled Atlantic Salmon served on a bed of Asian Slaw with a citrus and soy glaze, Char grilled Asparagus and a Thai Noodle Salad on the side.


The great thing about having a friend who's a pastry chef is that you never have to worry about dessert.

Three lemon selection


To round off the evening a great bottle of Rockford, Basket Press, Shiraz 2000. Chris brought that along and Macca finished it all of with a De Bortoli, Black Noble. Did I mentioned we started drinking with a champers followed swiftly by a caprioska .......... I wonder why I have a hangover?

Note to self: No matter how drunk you are before going to bed, DO NOT leave leftover salmon on plates in the kitchen, the house WILL stink of fish when you awaken with said hangover.



lil bro said…
sounds like a good night had by all,especially you bro?LOL
Maja said…
Wow it all looks so yum!
Stu said…
well it tasted pretty yum too, if I may say so myself ;)