I have walked past this spot in Melbourne many times and I never noticed this, probably because as this news article states...."most of the time hides behind a wheelie bin in a narrow Melbourne laneway ". At least I recalled that Banksy visited Melbourne a few years ago. As soon as I saw it I thought "that looks like it could be, I wonder if it is?".
A quick google showed that it was. So it's not as cool as being the first to find one, but cool that I had an inclination that it was, so I guess I kind of found it......for me, maybe I'm the first West Aussie to find it ha!. Glad I at least had my phone cam with me.


I like this quote from the above article......In a 2006 article in Britain's Guardian newspaper, Banksy referred to Melbourne's street art as "arguably Australia's most significant contribution to the arts since they stole all the Aborigines' pencils".