Last night we grabbed a bite to eat at Matsuri......mmmmmm.....I've been craving Japanese food for weeks now, then we headed down to Becks Muic Box for Feist. For those who don't know her here's some of her work

Feist: My Moon My Man

I first heard about her when I discovered the Canadian group Broken Social Scene who are now one of my fav groups, sadly they're a collective of Indie musos and may not ever perform as the same unit again. Feist was the female vocalist when the group first formed...

Broken Social Scene: 7/4 Shoreline

Here she is singing with BSS original Kevin Drew, a great live version of this song too...

Feist & Kevin Drew - Lover's Spit

Her Perth set for the Festival of Perth was great, really enjoyed it, a great way to spend a hot Wednesday night, may have had a couple more beers than I would normally have on a Wednesday night, but hey, live it!

Sadly my camera skills chucked a sad and didn't come along with me last night

Feist gig
Feist pre set

After Feist finished up a DJ by the name of Dan Deacon hit the floor and at first we headed for the bar for a cooling ale, he sounded a bit odd and it wasn't till we poked our heads back into the pit that we realised just what was going on. He had some of the crowd lined up joining hands and then got everyone else to run through the tunnel and once out continue the tunnel. It sounds lame, it could have been very lame but once the music started up it was hilarious, click his name to read more...

Dance Line Start

Dance Line

The after party kicked on till 2am, I didn't ha!


Good times!