So that's that then, time to head home.
Started the afternoon at Cookie where we sampled a few of their 100 or so beers, Sapporo was good, Jamieson Beast was awful. We did learn something though....

beer breakfast


How good is Melbourne with their huge sporting arenas right in the city, we simply stepped out of Cookie, walked down to Bourke St and jumped on a tram, got off at the stadium, then a 5 minute walk and we're there.


Then a group of athletes from Qatar stepped onto a football picth and played like it was the first time they'd done so on grass. They were shocking, the Aussies were mostly tired as hell after travelling over from Europe but all in all it was a great night.


Once we were out of the ground we headed to a small restaurant called The European where they have an impressive wine list, however $1300 a bottle is a bit beyond me, wow. Luckily they had some good bottles under $100 and some really good food. So I've eaten and drunk enough food in the last few days to last me the rest of the week. Good times.