When we are out of archaeological surveys it is common practice for the mining company we are doing the work for to provide a few soft drinks and snacks for the crew. This usually amounts to something like a coke and a packet of twisties etc.
This weeks survey supplies however introduced us to a whole new food "sensation". They're from Malaysia and my god are they awful.

noodle snack

noodle snack back

The MAMEE Monster Noodle Snack, it comes complete with a crappy rip off image of the cookie monster. These where the chicken flavoured ones, they also do a beef one. It seriously looks like somebody has bought a supply of out of date 2 minute noodles, poured some liquid flavouring over them and then repackaged them as a crunchy golden ready to eat straight from the pack tasty morsel.



tiff said…
I grew up eating those and kinda really like it. Is that bad? Heehee.
Stu said…

yes I think it is, I'm not really sure what to make of them, all I know is that I should never ever ever open a packet again!!!
Mitch said…
Good to see the poor mining companies looking after the workers Stu!