"Bomber quick!"
I turned my head to see Bomber jogging over to a group of trees.
"Go left, see it"
"Yeah, Ronald come behind"
"Yah, yah, yah"
And it's all over, lunch is caught. I watched from a distance, no need for me to be involved and I'm not particularly keen on killing for my lunch, well killing at anytime really. But for these guys it's fairly natural, so I just nod from a distance as they hold up the catch. They've done well, it's a pretty good size.
Then it's time to prepare the coals, prepare the beast and cook it.
First you have to take out the inside bits you can't eat.


Then scold the skin on the fire so the outer layer can be scraped off before cooking.

Bungarra score

The legs have to be trussed together so it keeps it shape whilst cooking, you don't want the head to curl up and pop out of the ground you? No you don't!

Bungarra trussed

Prepare the hot coals, place the goanna on a bed of them and then cover it with the hot sand and remaining coals.

Preparing the oven

It takes about 1 hour to cook, drag it out from the coals and....

Bungarra removing from fire on a bed of branches, there, it's ready to eat...well once you cut it up.

Bungarra cooked

Ronald shows me how to remove the skin prior to cooking

Hey, it's called anthropology, kinda like archaeology only different....and not as good.


Mitch said…
You have a pretty interesting job Stu - Should rename this - Stu, bush tucker man of the West. :P
Stu said…
heh, keeps me off the streets ;)